Posted on 08-Apr-2020

G3 Creative

Hi Everyone! (G3 Creative response to COVID-19)
I hope all of you are safe and healthy - firstly, let me thank you for your continued support and loyalty during these challenging times. Our thoughts go out to all affected by this ongoing unprecedented situation which we will get over.

At G3 Creative, the wellbeing of our designers, suppliers and clients remains our utmost priority. In an effort to protect our communities, clients and our graphic design team, we are all working from our homes and lucky that in a creative industry such as graphic design that we can easily do that. Unfortunately, for others – I am sure it has been a very difficult time watching family and friends head off to work in hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, care homes etc. and doing what they can in very difficult surroundings knowing that their own health could be at risks.

Sadly, it looks like this situation is set to continue for some time. So let me say now that my absolute respect goes out to each and every selfless one of you.

The G3 Creative team and I wish you all well – please take care of yourselves, loved ones and your communities.

Best wishes,
Brian McGuffie
G3 Creative – Graphic Design & Advertising

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